Since I just started this blog, I haven’t yet mentioned my love for my FitBit.

I found this cool little device online in June and waited three months to get it. They are so popular that it took awhile on backorder.

But let me just say, the wait is totally worth it.

My FitBit tracks how many steps I take every day, calories in (I log my food) and calories out, my sleep pattern and quality, and the list goes on.

And no, they aren’t paying me to say this, I just love this little gadget!

I originally bought it to shed this last 20-30 pounds that I have on me, but I never expected that I value it for so much more than that.

Mostly, it’s a big motivator for me. I love to see the flower grow as I’m more active. Since I work an office job sitting all day, it’s a reminder to get up and move. Seriously, when I look at my FitBit at noon and see that I’ve only walked 1500 steps so far that day, it makes me get up and take a walk or take the stairs to get my daily goal of 10,000 steps.

And overall, it’s about health and fitness. I want to be active and set a good example for my daughter and FitBit is helping me to accomplish that.

I’ve tried a lot of things in the past to lose weight – some healthy, some not so healthy.

But this is all about the right way to do it – calories in versus calories out and fitness. That’s what it boils down to.

Most recently, I lost my FitBit while I was in Savannah, GA on vacation with my husband (my next post will be pics from that trip). I managed to wear it for several days with no problem and then it was just suddenly gone.

I realized it after we had already gotten back to our hotel. I remembered the last place I had it and bless his heart, DH actually retraced all of the steps with me to see if we could find it, but it was gone.

I was seriously so upset. I get that it’s not the end of the world, but it was important to me and I’d only had it three weeks. My husband ordered another one for me without my knowledge and later told me about it while I was whining (I’ll admit it) about my lost FitBit. He is the best, seriously.

Thankfully, on my other blog (which for right now shall remain nameless as I would like to keep the two seperate) I mentioned this and their CEO James actually commented and they replaced it for free, which is not something they do normally.

I can’t speak highly enough of their customer service. They are really quick in getting back to you as well, as I’ve asked questions on their community forums and always got a quick response from one of their staff.

Thanks FitBit! (You’ll be seeing a lot more of my FitBit on this blog as I write about my progress and obsession with it!) 🙂


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