The Big 3-0

Yep, I’m 30 today.

Feels no different than 29 to be honest. I’m not one that dreads birthdays or getting older. I look forward to them!

My office peeps did this for me.

Last night, my best friend treated us to heavenly pedicures (I chose a red glittery color called Ruby Slippers) and appetizers, wine (x3) and dessert. Want to know what’s hard? Finding something vegetarian to eat at Longhorn Steakhouse. We succeeded, but hence no entrees. We just wanted wine anyway, who am I kidding?

Today I thought I would post some goals for the year to come. I think it’s good to have goals to reach for.

In the next year, I would like to:

Finally find a good balance for working out and not feeling guilty about taking time for myself.

Learn more about photography. I LOVE photography and have an awesome Canon Rebel. I’ve been told I have an eye for taking pics but other than just doing it, I know nothing about it.

Take on a more challenging role at work. I work in fundraising and it can be a little mundane. I need a good challenge.

Not worry so much. (Who am I kidding with this one?)

Enjoy every day that I’m given as a blessing.

Conquer food. Take control. Have some will power.

Get a pony. Just kidding. But I figured while I’m wishing for things…


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