My day yesterday:

One hard boiled egg, one hard boiled egg white, banana, peanut butter

Vegan jamaican cornbread-black bean-tomato casserole, cucumber slices, 4 pitted dates

Green onions dipped in hummus (I seriously LOVE onions.)

Roasted potato, roasted okra, corn on the cob, white fish with a thai sauce (oyster sauce, orange marmalade, soy sauce, chopped garlic) garnished with chopped peanuts

Finally!  A good eating day.

I was reading Tosca Reno’s book, The Eat Clean Diet Recharged. I’ve read it before but thought that reading it again might inspire me to stay on track since that’s how I want to live.

It resonated with me that she said your body is the result of 10% genetics, 10% exercise/training and 80% (!!!) nutrition.

I obviously can’t control genetics, and I can’t always control my exercise due to working full time and having a child (though I need to make it a priority), but I CAN control my nutrition. No doubt about that.

So with that frame of mind, I’m trying to move forward. Honestly, the weekends are the hardest for me. It seems that’s when we eat out the most (and I enjoy eating out) and there are goodies around, usually that other people bring to our house for the football games.

I wish that we had like minded friends who would contribute to our health instead of hinder it, but we aren’t all the same and I recognize that. Absolutely. I need to be able to say NO to food that isn’t good for me.

And I did yesterday – we had cake at work for an employee’s birthday. Yellow cake with rasberry filling and a cream cheese frosting. Honestly, I can turn down cake very easily because I’m not a fan. But frosting? Oh, my love for frosting…I would eat it on just about anything and I love to make it from scratch. SO GOOD.

But I don’t need it and I needed to be “on” yesterday so didn’t want the sugar crash that comes along with it. (As a side note, this cake has it’s own FACEBOOK PAGE. What?!)

I need to be strong. And I can on the weekdays.

Any tips that would help me out on the weekends?


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