Yesterday was a good day. I’m tired from the constant fundraising but I didn’t have to work late and it was swim lesson night for Meg. I love watching her in swim class – she’s turning into quite the little fish!

Onto the grub:

1 hardboiled egg, 1 hardboiled egg white only, Clif Kidz bar

Jamaican cornbread-black bean-tomato casserole, light sour cream, avocado, HOT SAUCE. I ❤ spicy food.

Plain bagel (gotta stay away from these damn things!)

Mediterranean salad, 1/2 pita “pizza” shared with the husband.

Sun chips (Ugh. I’m working on it. At least I only had one serving.)

No workout yesterday other than my usual 25 minute physical therapy for my SI Joint Dysfunction. I don’t count that as a workout though since I have to do it everyday to keep from being in pain. It works.


I’m hoping my mood improves today. I’m a bit cranky pants. PMS indeed. Yuck.

I weigh in tomorrow and I’m hoping to be down at least a pound. I’ve worked really hard this week – got in three workouts, 10,000 steps + per day and stayed under my calorie range. We shall see…


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