Ah, Saturday. How I love thee. Except this one because I had to work at 7am at our fundraiser. Booooooooooo. But that’s okay. It’s one Saturday out of every six months and it’s only about 4 hours. No biggie.

I felt like I had a lot of obstacles and challenges today. Weekends are hard for me and this was no exception. I had to contend with: fresh donuts in my car that I had to pick up for work (didn’t touch them), a birthday party with lots of munchies, cake and ice cream (only ate from the veggie/fruit tray and had a few chips) and went to the mall to get Miss Meghan’s Halloween costume so went to Red Robin (more on that below).

Whew. It’s always something and that’s why I find weekends to be so hard. You just aren’t always in control of the way you eat. And even if you are, it’s not always easy to make good choices.

So here’s what yesterday looked like:

Clif bar while working

Cherry tomatoes dipped in hummus, cheese and wheat crackers, edamame

A few chips, veggie/fruit and two beers at the birthday party

15 grain sweetened sun drops (m&m’s basically) mixed with dried cherries for snack

…and here’s where it went downhill….

Red Robin BLTA Croissant with 1 small serving french fries. Now, mind you, I got this without the turkey or bacon since I’m a vegetarian and they were even so kind as to knock off $3 because of this. I wasn’t expecting that. I also wasn’t expecting that this meal would “cost” me 943 calories and 52 grams of fat. Fail.

So my total for yesterday came to 1976 calories BUT my calories burned (according to FitBit of course was 3018. All I did was run around yesterday. That’s quite a deficit AND most of my day came from healthy, quality calories. 

I went on the Red Robin website to see what would have been a better choice and sad to say…there really isn’t one. The salad I was eyeing is about the same as what I ordered. So really, I don’t think it was a bad food choice, as much as it was a bad restaurant choice. But as moms know, when you have a hungry kid and that’s your only option at the mall – you roll with it.

Next time I’ll have to plan better.


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