Yesterday was a pretty decent day for me food-wise. I stayed away from sweets, and put Meg’s Halloween candy on top of the fridge, our of sight. There’s a huge bowl of candy in my office but thankfully it is also out of eyesight and it’s Tootsie Rolls. Not really a fan.

Anyway, so yesterday went like this:

Greek yogurt mixed with granola and raisins, a banana

Small serving of enchilada casserole, light sour cream and a homemade papusa. YUM.

Hunan tofu and veggies with a little fried rice, veggie spring roll. I was craving Chinese food. I have the leftovers for lunch today and I’m looking forward to it.

I also had hot tea x 5…I’m still not completely over this sinus/throat/ear deal I have going on and I feel soothed by the hot tea. No sugar in it though – just straight up.

My exercise yesterday was chasing Meg around and tracing our bodies on the sidewalk in chalk – then dressing/decorating them. Not really exercise, but it makes my heart and soul happy. 🙂


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