This week is flying by! I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday.

Yesterday’s menu:

Greek yogurt, raisins, granola, banana

Leftover hunan tofu with veggies and a little fried rice. Also had Sun Chips. Booo. Counted it and moved on.

Best dinner ever: shrimp tacos with chipotle sour cream and roasted okra. SO GOOD.

I actually got the recipe for the shrimp tacos from Just Cook This on Discovery Health and they are now a regular thing in our house. Sean and I love them – plus, it takes all of 15 minutes to prepare and it’s healthy.

Shrimp Tacos

Shrimp – about a pound

Fat free tortillas (the little 6″ ones) of your choice

Canned chipotle peppers in adobo

Light sour cream OR plain greek yogurt (both work well)

Purple cabbage, shredded

Cajun or Southwest spices

Lime wedges – don’t skip this!

Basically, cook the shrimp sprinkled in cajun or southwest spices. You can toast up the tortillas but I was lazy last night and didn’t – it was fine.

Put the chipotle peppers in adobo in the blender or Magic Bullet if you have one. You can chop it too but it’s messy and I find that the chunks just aren’t small enough. Mix the chipotle peppers with sour cream or greek yogurt. Take some advice though from personal experience – start out SMALL with the peppers and taste along the way to make sure the heat is okay for you. I adore spicy food, but last night I made it so hot that I had to drink milk with dinner.

That’s it. You put down a tortilla, put a little of the sour cream/chipotle mixture on it, top with shrimp and shredded cabbage and then squeeze fresh lime on it. Perfection. So simple.


On another topic, I finished reading The End of Overeating and I really related to everything in that book – I highly recommend it. Some of the beginning is a little arduous to get through, I won’t lie. The author is a doctor (former head of the USDA) so his research is very clinical on brain functioning and the act of eating. It’s fascinating though. I also like how he started this whole project because HE has trouble staying away from food and wanted to better understand why.

This is not a book about dieting or what you should eat. I think that’s another reason why I liked it.

Anyway, one of his insights into overeating and how to stop is to treat your food like an addiction, and in many ways, (for me anyway) it is. Not all food, but trigger foods – which for me is sugar. When I have some, I want more. Always. I can moderate many foods, but sugar is not one of them.

So his suggestion is that of an addict – you can’t just have a little of something, at least not in the beginning. You have to say NO, and it has to be a firm decision. The moment you waver, you will likely choose to eat it. This also serves to reduce anxiety about food because it’s not a choice – you just don’t have it. There is no internal struggle.

You know what? It works. I have not had any sweets at all this week. The hardest part has been at night when I crave them around 8pm, and there’s a whole bucket of Halloween candy in my kitchen. But you know what? I look at it and just say in my head NO. It’s not even a choice. And I walk away.

I hope that someday I will be able to just have a little and not worry about it. Maybe I will. But for now, I’m just saying NO. And I feel good about that.


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