What a busy day I had yesterday. Work is crazy, swimming lessons for my girl, busy at home. Lots going on. In a good way though. I feel content about it. And I’m thrilled to say that yesterday I actually felt good for the first time in two weeks. Thrilling. Maybe my sinus infection is on the way out. I have hope.

Onto the eats:

Peanut butter and all fruit jelly on whole wheat bread, banana

Vegetarian chili

“Chik’n” patty on a whole grain sandwich thin with mozzarella and marinara sauce – YUM. Tasted like chicken parmesan. How do they make Chik’n taste like chicken? Maybe I don’t want to know. Anyway, it was good and I paired it with edamame and some raw broccoli dipped in hummus.


Here’s the thing though – I think I need to start planning ahead for my Thursday meals if I’m going to weigh in “officially” on Fridays. I ate WAY TOO MUCH sodium yesterday – about 3500mg. WAY TOO MUCH.

As a result, I can’t get my rings off today, and the scale is up 3 pounds when I know that’s not real weight. So I’m going to limit my sodium today, drink a ton of water and tea and re-do my “official” weigh in tomorrow.

Sometimes I focus so much on the calories/fat that I ignore sodium which is just as important. And while I love vegetarian chili (especially on cold days like today in FL) it is PACKED with sodium. Canned beans, canned tomatoes, chili kit = SALT. Maybe I need to make it with fresh ingredients instead.

Anyway, I’m rambling and not making sense. I’m trying not to make today crappy just because the scale says I’m up a few pounds. I know it can’t be true and I need to just keep focused.


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