Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

So, it’s been three years (*gulp*) since I’ve blogged on this site, but guess what?!

The time is NOW.

Since having last blogged, I have been diagnosed with Celiac disease and can no longer eat gluten. I am also a vegetarian, but I’ve been one for years. However, you mix the two together and it gets interesting.

You would think that without eating meat or gluten-laden foods, that I’d be supermodel skinny. Uhhhh. No.

My current weigh in was 208.4.

And it’s time to lose this weight – once and for all. I am committed like never before.

I am seeing a therapist for my food issues, along with anxiety and depression, which often (okay, almost always) contribute to my over-eating.

The point of this blog for me is total honesty. And anxiety and depression are a big part of my life, though they do not define who I am. They only contribute to some of my habits.

My purpose in doing this is not to spell out everything that goes into my mouth, or every workout I accomplish, but rather, to blog about the issues surrounding weight loss and invite you on my journey.

My first goal is to get to 199. After that, I’d like to focus on 10 pounds at a time, with the ultimate goal of getting to 170.

I invite all comments and helpful hints that anyone has to offer. I want this to be an interactive experience for both myself and the reader.

Occasionally, I will share recipes that are gluten free and vegetarian for those who are interested.

And so, off we go…



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